Is it safe to buy a Mobile phone from Flipkart?

Well, I m sure most of my Indian Readers out here have heard about Flipkart. For others, let me tell you Flipkart is one of the leading E - commerce websites in India just like Ebay or Amazon. Flipkart initially started out by selling only books but gradually it moved on to other products as well when they gained trust from the users.

 So, that brings me to the original question. Can you really trust flipkart with product quality? Is it safe to buy mobile phones, tablets, camera from Flipkart?

Well, from what I know the website started out as a marketplace recently- you know- something like ebay. But before that it wasnt like that. Now, the products that you order will be sold through flipkart by the dealers. I am not saying thats bad, but recently I have had a horrible experience. I have bought quite a few products from the website like camera, couple of mobile phones, kettle, books , cases etc. I have had wonderful experiences with almost all my transactions except for one mobile phone.

I am not writing this post to say that Flipkart is a waste of time, but hey, I am just telling you what happened in my case.

Is It Safe To Buy Mobile Phone And Other Gadgets From ?

On 11th May 2014, I had to buy 2 phones for my parents. One Micromax  Canvas 2.2 A114 and Sony Xperia C. I ordered both the phones on 11th night and got the Micromax Phone on 13th itself. Good packing and Fast delivery. The phone arrived in good condition and thankfully it is still working.
But then, I am writing this post to tell you about my experiences with Sony Xperia C transaction. The phone arrived on 14th. Well, I am not cribbing about the time taken ( extra day :) ) but the box seal had already been tampered with by the time it had arrived. The thing about Flipkart is that when you opt for a COD delivery, you will have to pay the entire amount to the delivery boy without checking the condition of your product. And that is what I did.

But as soon as I opened the main Flipkart delivery box ( not the phone box ), I was in for a shock. The box had already been opened. The seal was broken. But, by that time, the delivery guy had collected the money and was gone from my place. So, immediately I called up their customer care service center and informed them about my condition of the product. Well, they told me that the delivery transaction had still not been updated in their system and requested my to call back later. I called them up after some time and got my complaint registered and they said that I would be getting my phone back. I was happy with the kind of service I got. I also received a mail from them. I have given you a screenshot below.

flipkart mobile return

But to my shock , I got the following mail after some time.

flipkart return disapproved

You know, thats not a good feeling when you get a mail like that. Unfortunately the guys who pick up the call at flipkart customer care were of not much help. They were like bots who know only to apologize. But hey, thats my money at stake. If I wanted a second hand phone I could have as well got it for a much lesser price.

Next day, on 15th may, 2014 , I then decided to use the contact button in their website and wrote a mail to them explaining each and every thing again and again. In reply, I got a mail that they would get back to me as soon as possible. Probably, it was yet another bot. But I decided to wait.

And then, the next day I got the following mail.

flipkart return product

But since I did not get any reply, I again filed for a return request on May 19th , 2014. And finally, My return was accepted on May 21, 2014. This is the mail that I got.

flipkart return accepted

After sometime I got the below email. And I did not know what that meant.

flipkart return

Immediately , I got another email from them . Finally my return request was approved. I was asked the keep the phone along with all the accessories ready  for the logistics partner to pick it up from my home.

flipkart return finally accepted

I got the above email on may 21 and after that I had to wait for a few days to know what has happened to my money. And finally on June 3 , 2014. I got this email.

flipkart return as gift voucher

And on the same day, I got another email.

flipkart return headache

I had my phone with me all day, and I did not have any details of them calling me even in my missed call list. Anyway, I was happy that I was going to get my money back. But there was no way that I was going to accept a gift voucher from flipkart. Whats the point in having a gift voucher if you cannot use it across the entire website. I had to use that voucher to buy products from only 1 seller i,e wsretail. Naturally, I opted for bank transfer.
But then again, I ran into another problem. Flipkart's policy is that the bank account holder name and the registered name on Flipkart had to be same. Since Flipkart had no option of entering the initials, I was asked to fill another declaration form, print it, fill it, scan it and finally email it back to them along it ID proof. I did it the following day i,e June 4, 2014.

On June 5, I got the following Email.

flipkart return drama

What the ???, I had to wait for 5 more " business days " to get my own money back. And that too as per standard "banking procedures". I seriously do not know which bank takes 5 days to transfer the money online since it is only a 2 minute job. I called them back to know what is going on. And as usual I initially got the standard apologies from the customer care guys. And then 1 person told me that there are around 12000 - 13000 refund transactions daily, and so my refund would take some time.
Wow, around 13000 refunds per day. Great. I had no other option other than to wait for my money :( .
And on 10 June, 2014, I finally got my money in my bank account.


I had ordered the phone, paid on 11th may and had to wait till 10 june ( 1 month ) to get my own money back.
But Yes, I would still like to thank Flipkart , since they returned my money even though the seller had initially denied the return. Flipkart is a genuine e-commerce website but I would not be ever buying something like a phone or tablet again or anything that is relatively costly from any shopping website again. I certainly do not like to wait for a month to get my own money back. I still love Flipkart, but I would be buying products that are relatively cheap. BTW, I have ordered a sd memory card after this incident.

If at all anyone is having the same problem, I would suggest you to use the contact button in the website than talk to the customer care guys.

I now prefer to buy something like a mobile, tablet or any other gadget from the electronic store itself. The MRP might be a bit costlier, but at least, I would be knowing the state of condition of my product, In fact, that is what I did in this case. I went to a local nearby Sangeetha Mobile store and got the phone at a rate that is a bit more costlier than what I had ordered from Flipkart. But I got free insurance too. And Yes, I won a power bank as a lucky gift. Woohoo.

So, what do you reckon ? Is it safe to buy a mobile phone, tablet or any other electronic gadget or accessories from Flipkart or any other e - commerce website ?

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