What Is A Backlink ?

Back in those days, when I just started blogging for fun [ I still blog for fun.:)  ] , I came across a word called backlink. I did not have a clue as to what it was. I googled for the word and got a few results. The problem I faced initially is that many of them have explained backlink in technical terms. If you are still a new born to the world of blogging, chances are there that you might not understand them correctly at all.

I am going to use a bit of my blogging experience to make you understand what a backlink is.

What Are Backlinks ?

Now, before I go to the technical terms, let us try to understand to concept of backlinks.

Lets say that you have completed all of your studies and are now looking for a new job. Given the state of economy and global meltdown, it has become extremely difficult for a fresher or for anyone to land up in a good well paying job.

Now suppose, if you have somebody's reference, then you could easily get a job. The state of economy does not matter at all in such cases. I will try to make it even more simple.. Now, after you have completed you studies, lets say that you apply for a job in a particular company. Because of the global meltdown or some XYZ reasons, you are not able to get a job there.

Lets say that you know me and I know that company very well. I am going to help you get a job over there. I speak to the company officials  ( by whatever method ) and I am going to request [ or order :) ] the company to hire you as an employee. Congratulations!!! you are now hired :)

In the above example, I am your backlink. I am the one who has helped you to get a job in that company. I am the " link " between you and the company. In other words, I am supporting you so that you can get a job.

I hope you have understood my above example. The concept of backlink is as simple as that.

What is the Importance Of Backlinks ? 

Now, lets come back to the real world. Backlink is nothing but a hyperlink from a particular website to your website. It is also known as Inbound links.

The following are examples of a backlink.

Mobile Reviews

Camera Reviews.

If you click on any of the words above, you will be taken to a site called AbhiReviews, which is all about reviews of mobiles, cameras and other electronic gadgets. It is nothing but a backlink pointing from my website to another website.

The more number of quality backlinks your website has, the more importance search engines give to your website or a blog.

Backlinks are a very very very important part of a good search engine optimization method. (SEO ). If you have read the above paragraphs, you should notice that I have talked about quality backlinks. Its not the quantity but its the quality. You should aim at getting more backlinks from the same niche ( category ) of your website. If you have a tech website or a blog, then you should aim at gettings backlinks from similar tech websites and not from blogs that belong to a totally different category such as food blogs.

If Google finds that you are having irrelevant backlinks, then chances are that you are going to get penalized in their next algorithm update.

In my coming posts, I will teach you How to Create quality backlinks to your website very easily.

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