How To Fix Error Ref Code S0a00 On Comcast

I know its definitely not a good feeling when you are interrupted while you are watching your favorite show / movie on your TV, especially by your own cable network. The other day I was watching a movie on some channel and suddenly a message popped up on the screen

Wait a minute, the channel should be available shortly.

And then it had something like Ref Code : S0a00 at the bottom.

WTH, I thought its just a minute. Well, it was way more than a minute. I guess I had missed the climax of the movie by then.

 I didnt like it though, and then I called up my cousin who also has comcast cable at his home. Only then I got to know that the problem was actually at my home and not the entire cable network.

But thankfully, he had been through the same situation before. He told me that it was due to some signal issues. He was my perfect guide. He told me a few possible methods to get rid of the problem ( which worked for him ), and I am going to tell you guys everything that I was told so that you can solve it easily. [ that you can watch your full movie :(   ]


Solution For Fixing Error REF CODE : S0a00 On Comcast

I am going to tell you a few possible solutions to get rid of your problem. I hope you can get back to watching your TV as soon as possible by following at least one of the following methods.

  • The first step which you will have to possibly do is to reset your cable box.
Also, if you have a service card, remove that too. All you have to do is to remove the adapter at the back of the box and wait for a minute or so. Then plug it again. Wait for a few seconds and put back the service card ( only if you have it ). If your problem has solved by now, well, relax and continue watching your shows.

My cousin did this and he just unplugged and plugged the adapter and he was good to go. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. :(

  • The next thing I suggest you guys is to check the cable.
 May be there is some loose connection somewhere. But please do not mess with the wires and the cable box on your own. It may lead to a bigger headache. 
Just move the wires and observe your TV. You will easily know if it is the case of a loose connection. Otherwise, follow the next method which worked for me. :)

  • Alright. Now, I am going to let you know about the method which worked for me.
Firstly, I called up the customer care and narrated my issue. I was kindly told that I will be having a tech visiting my place in a couple of days. But the thing is that I did not have the patience to wait. So, all I did was to call up the customer care again. But this time, I chose the automated version ( not the manual tech guys ). I asked them to send me a new signal again.

Well,  it solved my problem. The TV relay was back, but my movie had ended by then :( .

So, in my opinion, the best option for you will be calling up the customer care and do just what I did.

I hope my above personal experience will help you to sort out your issues. :). If not, do not hesitate to leave behind some comments.

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