Solution For Getting Blank Screen while recording videos

Have you ever tried to record a video that is being played on your computer screen using any screen recorder software ? If not , well try it and let me know whether it records correctly or not. Most of the times what happens is that you will end up recording a blank screen in spite of using any screen recorder, whether paid or free. And there are times when you will be able to hear the sound of the video file but not the video itself. It would be totally black blank screen. It is certainly not a good feeling.

Well, it happened to me too. I recorded 23 minutes of video only to find out that it was totally blank from the start to the finish. I tried it both on my PC and my laptop. No result.
I downloaded many screen recording softwares from the internet. But the result was the same. Black Screen !!!.

I have been finally able to fix this problem. Actually, very very easily. Well, there may be numerous methods to solve this problem. But as far as I know the 3 solutions that I am going to provide you will most probably solve your problem.

Avoid Getting Black Blank Screens While Recording Video

I have followed the first solution for my problem and it worked. Unfortunately, the second option did not work on my PC since I could not select an option, but it worked on my Laptop. Read on!!! You will understand.

Method No 1

  • Step no 1 would be going to Control Panel ----->Programs----->Uninstall A Program
Alternatively, you can use a simple shortcut. Open your run command box ( by pressing win +r buttons together ) and type the following words and press Enter. It will directly take you to the add / remove program panel


appwiz run command
  • Once you get the add / remove panel, click on " View installed Updates " option on the top left of your screen. I have shown it in the following figure.
view installed updates
  • Now, search for the update having  KB2670838 in its name.

It would not be easy to search for it. So, just type that code in the search bar as I have shown in the figure and then press Enter.

  • Now you will be having the villain. It is this update that was not allowing you to record your video screens. Just right click on it and click uninstall. It will uninstall in a minute or so, and then you will have to restart your computer.
  • Restart your computer and try recording your video screens again. 


However, some of you may not have  KB2670838 in your system. Therefore, you will not be able to follow the above method. But lets not worry since I have another method that will work.

Method 2

This method involves disabling hardware acceleration in your operating system. This is easy.

  • Right Click on your desktop and select Screen Resolution.
  • Now click on advanced Settings
Advanced Settings in screen resolution
  • Choose the Troubleshoot Tab and then click on "change settings" options.
    • If your computer allows you to click on change settings, then move the hardware acceleration bar to the extreme left, i,e none. This will completely disable the hardware acceleration.
Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Now, restart your computer and record the videos in a screen recorder. 
  • Congratulations.!!! :) You will be able to record the videos now.

Method 3

The Problem with the above method is that not everyone can click on the change settings option in the troubleshoot tab. It will be greyed out. You will not be able to click on it. So you will have no other option but to not follow that method no 2.

Alright, this method 3 works too., but maybe not for everyone.

At first take your operating system CD and choose the repair Option. Once your operating system repairs itself, follow method 1 or method 2 , whatever be the case.

Or Else, try uninstalling your graphics card or video card driver. Restart and then follow method 1 or method 2 , whichever be the case.

Hope this helps.


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