Semrush Pro Free Account ?

I am sure most of the people who have a website know something about semrush. To all to guys who do not know anything about it and would like to know what is semrush,, let me tell you that it is one of the best available tools for competitive keyword research tools.

Basically , what it does is that it shows all those keywords that a particular website ranks for. By keywords , I mean all those search terms that people would type in to reach a particular website.

semrush pro free account

More good keywords would mean more traffic and ultimately more traffic would mean more money from the advertisements. So, if someone has a website and has a very hard time wondering what the next post update should be, then it is better to take the help of semrush. You can go to the websites that are similar to your niche and website,  and get an idea as to what should be your ideal next post.

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Is A Free Semrush Pro Account available ? 

One of the main reasons why people think twice to buy a semrush account is that it is quite costly , especially if you are new to the world of blogging and earn pennies in the initial stage. An account for a month costs about 79.95$ one time payment and the recurring one costs about 69.95$ per month. 

Well the thing is even I did not want to pay so much for a new site that I wanted to create that is totally unrelated to this blog. And that is a different niche too. So, I tried to search for some free codes or promo codes for a free semrush pro account. If you guys remember, semrush has offered an one month free pro account during last december. But unfortunately the offer is no more available.

But still, I did not want to pay 79.95 $ for an account that I could hardly make full use of it.

Finally , My Search For A Semrush Pro Account was successful :) 

By successful, i did not mean that I got a free account , but I mean I got something next to free. I got access to the Semrush pro reports of some domains at a very very cheaper rate. 
No, I am not talking about the fiverr gigs out there. Seriously, some of them are a joke. I tried almost all over there but was never satisfied with it.

Only reason , why I am writing this post is that I hope that all those people, ( like me) can get access to semrush pro reports without actually having to pay that steep amount.

So, let me tell you what I did.

I used this service over here CLICK HERE

I think this is the most reasonable that I have found which helped me the most, ( more than the fiverr gigs) I took the 30 domain option,and well, it was more than I actually needed, but made full use of it :) 
The reports that I received were in excel formats and I had all the required information that was desired. 

I hope, this post of mine would help all those people who want to use semrush pro but are not able to do it because of the cost factors I do not know how long will the offer last but thankfully it worked for me !!!

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