[Tips] How To Improve Alexa Rankings ?

How To improve alexa rankings? How to reduce alexa rank. I m sure this is the basic question of all the newbie bloggers. There are many available tips to increase or decrease alexa rank.

To all the people out there who do no know what is alexa ranking, let me tell you that alexa.com which is a subsidiary of amazon , ranks all the websites across the globe according to its traffic status ( or atleast that is what they say) It shows you how much a particular site is popular or not. It gives you the position of a websites global rank along with the regional traffic rank.

increase alexa rank

But according to me , alexa rank is not reliable because it counts only those visitors that have their toolbar installed. People visiting a particular website without installing the alexa toolbar are not counted at all.

But advertisers prefer alexa rank to advertise on various websites across the web.So, we need it atleast from that point of view.


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How To Increase Alexa Rank

In this post I will show you How To Increase\decrease your Alexa Rank. Please note that the lower the ranking the better it is. The alexa rank of google is 1 which means it is the most visited website. So, the site that is ranked 2 and so on gets less visits than their previous ranked website. Alexa rank is calculated by using the average visitors( with toolbar) over the last three months.

Most of you would have notices that your traffic is increasing day by day but the alexa rank is dropping (increasing) . I am as of now facing the same problem. My traffic is increasing but alexa rank in going down. That is primarily because most of my new visitors are not having their alexa toolbar installed.

This is primarily the main reason why I do not bother about alexa anymore. But there are people out there who would want to reduce their alexa rankings.

Tips To Increase Alexa Rank

  • Install Alexa Toolbar :      

 This is the first step that you will have to take. Install the toolbar available at alexa.com. What is the point in expecting visitors with alexa toolbar installed when you have not installed it yourself. Also , Make your website as your homepage. So, whenever you open your browser, you visit gets recorded by the alexa toolbar. Trust me , this does make a difference.

  • Install Alexa Widget  :

I personally do not think this makes a difference at all but its mentioned everywhere in the web. So, I am using it too :) . However , I do not intend it to keep for ever. Sometimes it increases the load time of your website :(
. Install the widget that is available at alexa.com and install it in your site. Note that , you need to have a free registered account at alexa to do this.

  • Do not Forget Alexa while Blogging

Write something about alexa too and link back to Alexa.com .This helps a bit.
  •  Claim Your Blog / Website at Alexa   

Do not forget at register at alexa and claim your website over there. It gives you control over your site at alexa.

  • Be active at Webmaster Forums:

 This is one of the most important point. It is very important to be active at the webmaster sites like digitalpoint forums, warrior junction, google forums, v7n, golden talk and many others. This is because most of the people in such forums would have installed alexa toolbars in their browsers. When you start getting visitors from these websites, then your ranking shall surely improve. Do not expect your normal visitors from organic sources to have installed alexa. Tell me who installs alexa toolbar apart from webmaster? Others wouldnt even be kn\owing about it.

Its always nice to have your blog 's address as a signature in the forums. But do not spam, otherwise there are chances that you might get banned.

  • Increase Backlinks

 Make some effort to increase the number of back links that you have. But be careful while doing this. Get back links only from your niche, i,e sites that are similar to yours. If not Google Panda or Penguin will hit you. Commenting  on other similar websites and blogs can be a easy way to get more back links.

  • Get a review of your blog on alexa

 Ask your visitors to leave a good review of your blog on alexa. More good reviews will surely have an impact on alexa rankings.

Alright. Time to be a bit shameless.

 Leave a good review of my blog at alexa and let me know about it.  I will do the same for you.. Time for some mutual benefit :) :) :) :)

  • Keep your blog regularly updated and write quality posts

Post regularly, otherwise your alexa ranking will go down. I am telling you this from a presonal experience from one of my previous sites. Even if your traffic remains the same or it improves, the alexa rank will not increase  if you stop regularly posting quality articles on your site.

  •  Be active on Social Networking Sites

 Alexa rank, to some extent also depends on your social activity. Share your articles on facebook, twitter , digg etc . Be active on such social networking sites.

You can Follow me on FacebookTwitter if you like my blog.  :)

The not so good ways of improving alexa rank

There are some other ways to improve alexa ranking but not for free. Read on

Pay Alexa To improve Your Rankings

 The above methods are not the only ways regarding how to increase alexa rank. There is one more very easy way.

Look, as I have already told you before, alexa rank mainly depends on the visitors who have installed alexa toolbar. If you have 1000 visitors but only 300 of them have installed alexa toolbar means that the traffic you get according to alexa is 300 and not 1000..

This is crap. You cannot expect everyone to have the toolbar installed. However, if you want alexa  to count all the website hits you get from the visitors, irrespective of whether the visitors have installed the alexa  toolbar or not, then you will have to pay Alexa. They will give you a javacript or a code which you will have to install in every page of your website, just like google analytics. So, whenever a visitor arrives at your website , alexa recognizes and thus your rankings will improve faster than any of the above methods. This would mean that you will have to get your site metrics certified by paying alexa.

There are 3 plans - 10$ per month. 50$ per month and 149 $ per month.

I m not going to pay though.

Also, there is one more stupid way to increase your alexa rankings.
Install Alexa toolbar in your browser, say firefox and keep refreshing again and again and again and again.

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