How To Connect Ipad,Ipod,Iphone To TV

Do you know How To Connect Ipad To Tv? Ipod To TV? Iphone To TV? Ipad to Projector? Well, the past decade clearly belonged To Apple. Few of the amazing products like the Ipad , Ipod , Iphone were successfully launched. Of course, you can use each of these devices on an individual basis, but dont you think it is even better if you can connect these devices to a TV (television) and watch your favorite clips on a bigger screen? Just imagine your normal HD video that you normally play on an Ipad , playing on your 52 inch TV, your photos clicked by your phone camera as a slide show on your TV. It does not matter whether your Tv is a brand new one or an antique piece, but I m sure that it will be a better user experience than your ipad or iphone.
connect ipad,ipod,iphone to tv

So , the question arises as to How do you connect an Ipad,Iphone or an Ipod to your TV ?

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Connect Ipad, Iphone, Ipod to Television (TV)

Well, this is actually very simple even though it sounds complicated. You need not know all the Computer Tips and Tricks out there

connect your apple device to tv is by actually using an apple tv itself. Apple Tv supports something called as Airplay. Airplay is nothing but video mirroring which means the exact replica of your touch screen device can also be seen on a TV. On of the best features of Airplay is that you need no cables or wires at all. Everything is done through wifi.

So, how do you use Airplay?

Well thats simple too. Firstly connect your apple device and Apple Tv through wifi on the same network, and then select whichever video or song you want on the device . Dont forget to press the airplay button. After that you will have to select "apple tv" option on your device . Now, watch the TV screen. Your video would have started playing. You can use the same technique to play other music files, view photos etc

Cool, isnt it? well it costs 99$ though.

However, not everyone owns and apple Tv. So, what about people having televisions of other companies? Do they not have any other alternative ?

Well, nothing to worry about if you do not have apple tv. There is always something called as a HDMI cable adapter.

So, in order to connect your apple device to your Television which is not apple Tv , you will have to use the Digital AV adapter.Just connect your apple device, say for example Ipad to Tv using the HDMI digital cables. This is just like the same way how you plug in your camera to your computer to download the photos or music files.

But , again, there is another problem.

Not everyone owns an HDTV. There are many house which still have the same old TV that does not support the HD formats. So, the HDMI cable adapter would be of no use over here.
Well, again, there is nothing to worry. There is a way out for this problem as well.

Connect Apple Devices To Non HD TV's

apple tv adapter

For issues like these, you can use apple's VGA adapter. Just connect the apple device and the TV using the VGA adapter. note that you can also use this method to actually connect your apple devices to your computer and projectors as well.
However, there is a catch. If you use the VGA adapter , the sound will not be played on your television set. As far as the display is concerned, you can watch it perfectly on your television screen, but as far as the sound or audio is concerned, it just does not play on tv. However, you can listen to the audio from the ipad speakers though.

I hope that this article has helped you in connecting your iphones, ipads, ipods to your television sets.

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