Best Free Alternatives To Photoshop

Have you ever wondered what are the Free Alternatives to Photoshop ? Photoshop as we all know is one of the Best Image Editing Software out there in the market . But there is also a down side to it. The Cost !! Its s bit costly . Photoshop CS 6 costs somewhere around 700 $ as of now or the Photoshop update to the latest version itself costs around 200 $.. Well, if you are a very big fan of Photoshop, then probably it is worth paying the price. Otherwise if you find the cost factor bit too much , then probably, the best way out is to look out for some Best Free Photoshop Alternatives.

Let me tell you that there are many online image editors that also can be classified as free alternatives to Photoshop. Well, my personal experience is that , these online image editors do the job very well, but Photoshop is Photoshop. It is very hard to find a free online alternative to Photoshop that does a very satisfactory job..

However, I am going to concentrate on some of the Freeware Photoshop Alternative that are available in the market - both exe software programs for windows operating systems and Mac Operating systems and online alternatives.

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Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

Now , before I talk about the Photoshop Alternatives, let me tell you that I had previously written an article regarding How To Find Freeware Alternative Of Any Paid Software . You can refer to it if you are interested. Please note that in that article, you will not only be able to find many Photoshop alternatives, but also alternatives to almost all paid programs / shareware.

I have used many many innumerable software programs that  does the job like Photoshop. Some of the results were great, some satisfactory and some very pathetic. Therefore based on my user experience I have come up with the list of Free Photoshop Alternatives.

Photoshop Software Free Alternative Software Programs

photoshop alternative freeware.

Free Online Alternatives To Photoshop

In order to edit images just like in Photoshop, you need not download any software if you visit any of the following websites.

Conclusion - Free Alternatives For Photoshop

Alright, let me tell you that I have used each and every program and website that I have mentioned above. Well, I have already told you that I am not a big fan of online image editors, but if you lazy to download and install the softwares then probably, you can go for an online image editors. They do a very decent job.

However, if you are ready to download and install a program, then I suggest you to go for a software like gimp or I have used these two very well . However, the other free softwares that I have mentioned are also very good but I am very comfortable Gimp and 

So, its totally your choice. Please use the free alternatives to Photoshop and free online Photoshop alternatives that I have mentioned and give me your reviews about it . 

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