How To Recover BSNL Broadband Username Password

Do you know How To Recover BSNL  Username And Password ? How To Find  Bsnl Username And Password when you do not know what the id is ? I have come across many people what say that they forgot  BSNL Broadband username  and password and are trying to find different ways to recover it.

For all those who do not know the full form of BSNL, let me inform you that it is  Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited. which is the Indian Government Owned Telecommunication company., headquarters of which is situated in New Delhi.

There are different kinds and varieties of BSNL Modems and Routers. For example Dataone WA3002G4, Dlink 2730U, Huawei ADSL Routers , AN 1021-21 ,ZX DSL 531b,  Dna-a201bei, dna-a-211-1, ut300rtu and many other types of models available.

It can be a bit of an headache if you are not able to find your BSNL Broadband Username And Password.
The best way to recover your username password theoretically is to call your BSNL Broadband Customer Care Number. These customer numbers vary from state to state, districts to districts. The BSNL Brodband Customer Care Contact Number In Bangalore is 1500. So, all you have to do is to call your customer care, give your phone number details and request the username password. It sounds easy , isnt it ????

Trust me, I had done this previously and I had quite pathetic experiences. Firsts of all , the Government Owned Customer Care officials do not care to pick up the phone most of the times. And by chance if they receive your call, they would be too rude to even answer the most basic queries. We all know how our Governments work , isnt it ?

So , the basic Question arises .

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How To Find BSNL Broadband Username Password

Well, now you may ask me why do you even require BSNL Username Password. The answer to that is pretty simple. Sometimes the bsnl username automatically changes to " multiplay" all by itself. Nobody knows how. The customer care officials do not really help on this topic.When the user name changes itself to multiplay, your internet would not work. The DSL light ( yellow light ) would eith fail to show up or keeps flickering and blinking. Or sometimes the Internet Light (LAN - Green Light ) would not show up. Either way, your Internet would not work.

 Also you may need your username password to view your Bsnl Broadband usage.

So , there are quite a few occasions where you may need your BSNL account details

Let me take this opportunity to show you how to find your Bsnl  Username Password very easily

Steps To Find BSNL Username Password

Firstly, I advice you to use either Internet Explorer Or Google Chrome. 

In this example I will use Google Chrome. There is a small change in procedure if you use Internet explorer, but do not worry, I will show that too.

Also I use dataone BSNL WA3002G4 modem. But this trick works on all BSNL Modems. So, nothing to worry, again.

So, at first, open up your browser and type  in the address bar and press enter as shown in the below image.

recover bsnl username password

Once you press enter above, a small pop up box will appear where in you will have to type dafault username and password to view your bsnl modem configuration settings.

In most of the cases  the username and password will be as follows

Username : admin
Password : admin

So type the same and press enter. It should work most of the times. However, if it does not work. lets try some combinations.

Either type admin in username and password in password box and hit enter.
Leave username box blank and type password in the password box and hit enter
Type admin in the username box and leave password box blank and hit enter.
Type password in both boxes and hit enter
Type password in username box and admin in password box and hit enter.

As I have already mentioned, the first combination of typing admin in both username and password boxes will work. If it does not work , try the above combinations or bring in your own combinations using the above words 

See the image below to understand more.

password details bsnl

Once you successfully log in , you will be able to see the following window . Click on Advanced Set Up First and then click on The EDIT tab as I have shown in the image. 

bsnl broadband username password

Click on Next in the following page.

find bsnl boradband username password

Again , you will have to click on Next.

forgot bsnl username password

This is where you will have your username and password. I have colored it with red since I do not want to announce my details worldwide.
In most of the cases , by default your user name will be id followed by your phone number. and the default password will be password. However, you will not be able to view your password since it will be in this format  **********.
I have already mentioned above that sometimes your username will be automatically changed to multiplay.
So in those cases, put in your default user name and default password if you have not changed it earlier. As i mentioned earlier the password box will be password ., if you have not changed it later on .
So, if you have the multiplay username problem, just type your username and password and click on Next . Click on next in the next page also. And then click on save. You will be asked to close your browser for two minutes for the changes to be put into effect. You can also notice that the dsl lights will automatically turn off and will be on in a couple of minutes.

However, if Multiplay username is not your problem, yand if you just want to know your BSNL username and Password, then follow these steps.

How To Find BSNL Broadband Password from *******

I have already mentioned that in the below page , you can view your username but not your password.
So, lets find out what your password is.

If you are using Google Chrome, follow the below image. Or If you are using Internet Explorer please follow the image below this image.

Google Chrome Steps :

  • Right Click on empty space in the page.
  • Click on View Frame Source like I have show in the picture.
  • A new windows will open
  • Now press ctrl F in your keyboard and then type password in the search box.
  • If you do not want to use the above shortcut, then search for the word password  or username everywhere.
  • You will be able to find your BSNL Username and Password very easily. Look at the last image at the bottom of this page to get more details

how to know bsnl broadband username password

If you are using internet explorer, right click on an empty space in the page and click on view source.
A notepad will appear and search for the words username or password just like I have mentioned the details for the procedure for Google Chrome above.

You will easily find your username and password, just like I have shown in the last image.

internet explorer recover bsnl username password

This is how your username and password would appear in the new window that opens after your use the right click option ( view frame source or view source ) .
 Of course these red marks would not be there.

how to recover bsnl username password

I hope that you are able to recover you BSNL Broadband Username And Password using the above tutorial.

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