How To Detect Photoshopped Edited Images

How to know If Image is Photoshopped ? How To Find Out if picture is edited or not ? Is there a way to find whether an image is modified or not ? Is there any Photoshopped image detector out there that can easily detect digitally modified images / pictures. ? Well, the answer to that question is yes.- there are ways to detect photoshopped images online or also by using a software.

detect photoshopped edited images

Now, you may as well ask me as to why do we need such tools. Well, there are many people out there who use photoshop to create fake images, unreal images. It is very easy to digitally alter any image using photoshop. Images / pictures are also retouched, color balance is modified. For example, models look stunning when you view their photos on your computer or on TV, but you would probably not even recognize them if they stand in front of you. Now, that is called The Photoshop effect where the make up is altered digitally to make them look even better, photos are sharpened. color balance would be altered, and all necessary features would be altered or modified accordingly.

Sky is the limit if you are an expert at photoshop. You can literally create any fake image and make it look real. Beautiful images can be made even more stunning. But at the end of the day, the viewers would be made to believe that the photo / image is natural. Well, mission accomplished .

So, how would you be able to know if the image you are viewing is real or edited / photoshopped ?

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How To Detect A Photoshopped Edited Image

So, in order to not to fall in the same trap as others, you ' ve got to find ways to detect edited images. I have found a free software to detect photoshopped images and also free online tools to detect photoshopped images / edited images.

But before that , let me tell you how the following services work.

When someone opens an image , edits it using any image-editing software, be it photoshop or others, the traces of editing are saved when that particular edited images are saved. It may not be visible to the human eye, but when you look at it digitally, you will be able to tell the difference. For example, the parts of the image where it is digitally altered may look brighter or may stand out from the rest of the image when you view it using the following tools. This is called as Image Error Level Analysis. You cal also conduct a Metadata Analysis too to get your result.

I will mention How To Detect Edited Images - both online and by a software.

Detect Photoshopped Images Online

You can use the following websites to detect photoshopped images. You can detect the images edited not only by photoshop but also by other image editing software.
All you have to do is to go to any one or all of the below websites and upload your image / images over there. Alternatively, you can also copy paste the url of the image, but that part is left to you.

The above three wonderful websites are more than enough to do your required task.

Software To Detect Photoshopped Edited Images

Visit this website and download the free software to determine edited images. 

 Some of the amazing features of this software are a follows . 

Some Useful features Of Software that detects edited images

  • Firstly, its free. Thats a big plus point.
  • It i\detects images edited by any software very easily.
  • It can also extract jpeg thumbnail image.
  • It can also extract video frames from another video file
  • It is very easy to extract images from Pdf files using this free software
  • You can view more of the features and uses in the developers website itself.

When you use this software to determine photoshopped images, it generates a report after it has finished analyzing. Now , that a very big report. Just go to the last paragraph named assessment to get your results.

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