Reveal Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

How you ever wondered How To Reveal Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks.i,e *****. ? Yes, there are ways to reveal the passwords hidden behind asterisks. *****(dot dot dot ....).Most of the times, the passwords are hidden behind asterisks and they do not reveal the exact words or letters.You can use this trick to reveal Facebook password, gmail password , yahoo password among many other passwords from the web browser.

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How To Reveal Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

There are various ways to do this task . Firstly there are many free softwares programs and paid softwares through which you can achieve this purpose. However, let me tell you that there is actually no need  for any kind of a program to do this. Just go to your browser settings and select Automatically Save Passwords. Also See to it that the option for Ask to Save Passwords is not automatically ticked. This is automatically save all the passwords that are typed in your web browsers.

However, the above method can also be easily disabled. So , lets concentrate on using a free software to reveal the passwords behind asterisks.

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Free Software To Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

I have tried quite a few software ( both free and paid ) to reveal the passwords. Some results were satisfactory and some of them didnt work.I have gievn you a couple of links of freeware that does this job brilliantly.

This freeware enables you to recover any password that is hidden behind asterisks i,e *************.
Please use this for educational purposes only :) :) :)

You can use this software to reveal the passwords from any windows application or program.

If you do not like the above software you can also use these alternatives

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