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I m sure most of the people who have got websites or blogs also have their Facebook Fan Pages. A Fan Page is one of the best ways to keep in constant touch with your readers. Also, If used in the right way, it can also be used to get some visitors to your blogs.

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What happens normally is that people create a website or a blog and then add up a fan page for their readers.I m very much sure that this is literally what most of the people actually do.But , Do you know that it can even work the other way around???
Sounds interesting , isn't it?

create free website from facebook page

Alright. Now you may want to know what the hell am I talking about.Well, apparently what I meant is that ,at first, people in this case would be trying to create their Fan page In Facebook and then process and start to build their websites or rather convert their Facebook Fan Page into a full fledged website at the click of few buttons.
Note that this is totally the other way around :) . First you create a Fan Page and then the website.

But , you may also wonder why would people be doing it.?

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How To Turn Facebook Page Into A Free Website

Well, there may be times when someone is not very sure about his intentions about taking blogging as a serious hobby.So, he can create a Facebook Fan Page and use it for an interesting purpose.It at all the fan page goes viral, and gets a lot of likes, then he can always have the option of turning it into a full fledged website.

Also,someone else would not be having enough money ( for example , a student) to buy a domain or to pay for hosting.In that case also , a fan page can be created at first, and then probably convert it into a website, if at all if further investment is worth it.

So, How do you do it?
create facebook fan page

Aah....Its actually very simple. It may sound a bit complicated but it hardly takes a few clicks.

I got to know about this trick after I created my Computer Tips And Tricks website. Otherwise , probably I would also be having a website created out of a fan page.

So, coming back to the main topic. How to do it?

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Steps To Create Free Website From Facebook Fan Page

There is a site called I do not know how many of guys have actually heard about it. Basically, they are a company based in Isreal. I am not able to figure it out as to why they are not actively promoting their site.

But, lets not bother about that.

All you need to do is that you have to go to their site and log in with your Facebook account.It will ask you permissions for some stuff and you will have to allow it.Once, you have logged in with your Facebook account, you will be shown a list of all the pages in your Facebook account.Choose whichever page you want to create a website for and then hit on the start button.

Oh ! and yeah, before you hit the start button , you have the option of choosing the website layout .You can allow them to do it or you can do it yourself. There are quite a few layouts out there. You can choose whichever you want.

And there you go.Your website is almost ready.However, as of now , you will have to manually update your website since the automatic updating process from your fan page does not work. I guess they will introduce it very shortly.

So, you would be having a free site, hosting,SEO, Free Professionals Support, a lot of widgets among many other features.

For your free site , your URL would be However, if you wish to have your own domain address for your website, then you will have to pay for it. You can check out for the rates at the pricing section of their website.

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Final Conclusion

I am certainly NOT telling you that it is the best possible way to create your website.but it is certainly not bad either.It is very easy to operate and my favorite feature is of course, that it allows you to create a website from your Facebook Fan Page.

Thank you.

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