Make Google Chrome Use Less Memory

Does your Google Chrome Use Too Much Memory? Does your Google Chrome hang up or crash too much? The problem of  Google Chrome which sometimes uses too much memory or processes is persistent worldwide. If your browser is also using too much memory, there is nothing to be surprised of.
The reason I consider Google Chrome better than Firefox or Opera is because of it speedy browsing facility and other free available services.

I will not talk about Internet Explorer because the only time I use that browser is to look out for an another browser :) :)  hahaha

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How To Make Google Chrome Use / Consume Less Memory

Have you noticed that sometimes your Google Chrome Browser is using excess memory than it is supposed to consume. It eats up much of your RAM and therefore your computer will also slow down to an extent. This happens especially when you open too many tabs or if your are browsing video streaming sites like youtube , dailymotion or if you are visiting websites that have too much of flash content in them. 

You can check your Google Chrome Memory Usage in your Task Manager under the process tab. You will notice that more number of tabs you use, the more memory is being consumed from each and every tab

Google Chrome has an inbuilt task manager as well. Press Shift + Esc to get it while using chrome. You can now, find out which tab is using how much memory.

Solutions for Google Chrome Consuming Too Much Memory

  • One of the most easiest solution to this problem is that avoid opening too much tabs.If you have a RAM of medium capacity, then opening too many tabs will surely slow down your browsing. Cut down on your tabs and then notice the difference in your browsing experience.
  • Another solution is to avoid using too many unnecessary Chrome extensions. These extensions also consume much of your precious memory even when you are not actively using them. So, whats the point in having them anyway. If you have already installed too many extensions go to Settings----->Extensions  and remove whichever you feel is not required for you. Please note that there is something called as Bookmarklets or User scripts. These are alternatives to your Google Chrome Extension. They do not consume much memory and do the exact same job that your chrome extension used to perform. So, just search for Bookmarklets and User scripts in Google and replace them with your extension.
  • Also ,Make sure that you delete your browsing history (from the beginning) every now and then and also do not forget to clear stuff like cache and cookies. This will marginally help you to easy out some memory
  • There is one more technique to reduce memory usage is that is by add " Purge Memory" button to the chrome memory task manager. However , I do not recommend this since it reduces only a negligible bit of memory consumption.
  • Always use the latest version of Chrome

Best Way To Force Google Chrome Consume Least Memory

Although , I have told you above to use less number of extensions , here is an extension that you must use if you are planning to free up much of your space and memory.
This extension will  reduce up to 95% of your memory consumption

It speeds up your computer by a large extent by removing much of the cpu load, there by making your browsing experience way better than before

chrome less memory usage too much

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