Do you know How To Download Torrent Files From IDM (Internet Download Manager) ?. Yes you heard it right. IDM can also be used to download torrents.Sometimes there would be a need to Increase Torrent Download Speed Rate since you would not be getting the normal download speed rate that you would be achieving in Internet download manager.So, the best alternative to Bit torrent is to download torrent files using your download manager like Internet Download Manager.

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Download Torrent Files With IDM ( Internet Download Manager)

Alright, Now lets jump to the main topic as regarding using IDM to download torrent files.

There are quite a few advantages of using IDM to download Torrent Files.namely

  • It helps you How To Bypass Blocked Torrent Sites or bypass torrent sites blocked by your office or college networks.
  • In most of the cases, you will have more download speed than that of bit torrent or any other torrent clients.

Procedure Or Steps To Download Torrent Files With IDM

First and Foremost , Please follow each and every step very carefully so that you can successfully achieve what you intend to do.Actually the process is not at all complicated if you understand it carefully.So, please do not panic and read the full post slowly

Follow these steps to download torrents from IDM
  • The first step is very simple . Go to any torrent site like piratebay or torrentz or extratorrent or any other torrent site which you would like to prefer or is your favorite.Search for the file that you would like to download and download it as a torrent. The torrent file will hardly be around 15-50 kb as you people already know.

  • After you download the torrent file, what you would normally do is to open that torrent file in a torrent client like bit torrent or utorrent and keep it for download.But this is where the change is.We will not be using any torrent client like utorrent or bittorrent.Instead, please read the following step very carefully

  • Go to Zbigz and sign up for a free new account.( Or there is an another option if you do not like Zbigz or if Zbigz is not working for you.Please go to step 7 to know more about it)
idm torrent download

  • Once you sign up for a new account, this is where the real action starts.In the Zbigz website , there is an option called Upload torrent File at the center. Please look at the above image to understand it clearly.Now, This torrent file is the same torrent file that you have previously downloaded as per step 1 mentioned above. (means the small green torrent file that you have downloaded from a torrent site like piratebay or extratorrent or torrentz)

  • Upload the Torrent File and Click on GO

  • Once you click Go, you will get a small pop up window.It will ask you to choose free account ofr premium account.Choose free account if you do not want to pay anything

  • Once you choose the "Free" Option wait for a few moments since your torrent file will be downloaded to the website's server.This process is called caching.Do not worry, this will not take much time,usually a few seconds.However, if the size of the actual torrent is very huge,it may take few minutes

Alternate Method To Download Torrent Files from IDM

However ,I have already mentioned in step 3 that I am going to give you another option for downloading.So, instead of going to zbigz , go to Torcache. After you upload the small torrent file in torcache as per the screenshot below, you will be given a small link.Copy that link and come back to zbigz and paste it there.Now the caching process will not take much time and follow the steps that I have mentioned as usual.

download torrent from IDM

  • After the above caching process is complete, a new page will appear and you are now ready to download the torrent file from IDM.Just click on the ZIP option at the right to start your download process from the Internet Download Manager.


Now you have successfully learnt How to Download Torrent Files using Internet Downlopad Manager , IDM

Feel Free to leave a comment below if you are facing any problems with your download process

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