Do you know that you can Create Facebook Timeline Cover Online for free and download those covers into your Facebook account using some of the free and best Facebook timeline cover maker that are available in the internet.These Custom Facebook Timeline Covers are a rage today and most of the people who want their Facebook profiles to look cool and awesome,use it .
Create Facebook Covers

The Timeline as we all know was introduced by Facebook some time back which was optional in the initial days but right now its been forced upon everyone and you do not  really have a choice.So, instead of using the same boring Facebook timeline cover , you can create a nice one for yourself and post it in your profile.

I have already written an article regarding How To Create Fake Facebook Wall Posts in one of my previous posts.Please Check it out if you are interested.

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So, the question arises as to how to create the facebook timeline covers.The answer to that is pretty simple.There are lot of free Facebook timeline cover maker across the web which we can use it.
I have myself come across many such timeline cover makers.I will list out quite a few of those in the end but before that let me mention about , in my opinion as one of the Best Facebook Timeline Cover Maker or Facebook cover generator that I have personally used it for free. One of the best features of this website is that it will not leave behind its any watermark on your timeline or photo which unfortunately most of the other cover makers have the tendency of practicing the ritual  :).

However,If you do not like this particular website to create covers you can check out the list of other websites at the bottom of this blog post.

Create Facebook Timeline Cover Using MyCOVERPOINT

create facebook timeline cover

I have already mentioned a bit about this website in the previous paragraph itself regarding the no watermark issue which is an amazing feature.You can create a variety of Timeline Covers using this website such as the normal Facebook Timeline Covers,Christmas Facebook Timeline Covers,Birthday Facebook Timeline Covers Meme Facebook Timeline Covers,Welcome Facebook Timeline Covers among many other options available that you can choose as per as you desire.

Steps to be followed to create custom Facebook Timeline Covers

Firstly , go the the my cover point website by click on the link in the above paragraph.Once you do that you will be taken to the website.Now,if you notice properly, there is a create cover tab at the top of the page next to the search bar.Just Click on the Create cover tab.Next, you will be taken to a separate page where you will be to how to create custom and personalized facebook timeline covers.

Now, there is an option at the bottom saying Preview Personal Covers.Just click on it.Now,you may be asked to log in with your Facebook ID and Password.Just log in and wait for the website to take you in.Now,this step may take some time.I dont know why buy whenever I try it,it get a symbol of buffering forever and never opens.Do not worry if the same thing happens to you also.Just open another tab and go to .It will take you back to the home page.

Scroll Down and take a look at the left hand sidebar of the page.There are various categories from which you can choose your favorite facebook timeline cover.Some of the categories include Cars/Bikes, Celebrities,User Submitted covers (which you may find it interesting),animals,cartoons,anime,creative,events,flags,events,religion,sports and many many categories among others.

Just choose whichever categories you want, hover your mouse over the image.You will get an option as "use this image as your cover" Just click on it.It will be uploaded as a photo in your album.Now,go to the album,right click on the photo and open it in a separate tab.Once the photo opens in a new tab, scroll down and search for the option saying "Make Cover".Choose this option and your desired Photo will be used as a facebook timeline cover.
Please note that there may be some photos that may have the watermark at the bottom of the image.Just download the image to your hard disk and open it in paint and edit it,remove the watermark if you desire and reupload it to choose the image as your facebook cover.

How To Use Your Own Photo As Facebook Timeline Cover

The answer to this is pretty simple.Just upload any of your photo in any of the albums you like.Right click on the photo and open it in the separate tab.Once the image opens in a separate tab, scroll down and search for the option "Make Cover" just like I have mentioned in my above paragraph.Click it and go back to your profile.You will notice that your own Photo will be used as your Facebook Cover 

Some Of The Other Sites That Allow You To Create Facebook Timeline Covers For Free

The above Facebook Timeline Cover Generators are more than enough to Create free Covers for your Facebook Account.

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