Create fake movie ticket,concert ticketHow to create fake movie tickets or fake film tickets? or how to make a fake concert ticket.You will be able to do these online with the help of free templates after reading the full blog post.You can use the same trick to genuinely create invitation cards for birthday,christmas or any other occasion which would be easily printable.All you need is a computer, Internet connection and probably a printer if you intend to show the fake printed ticket for the purpose of showing off in front of your friends.Please note that I have already mentioned how to create fake airline tickets and how to to create free printable invitation cards in my previous blog posts.
This tutorial is all about steps that are required to be followed in order to create a fake movie ticket or a film ticket or a concert ticket or a genuine invitation to any of your parties

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How to create a Fake Movie Ticket,Fake Film Ticket or a Fake Concert Ticket

I have actually come across two wonderful websites that allow you to create fake film tickets online for freeActually you can also  genuinely create Invitation cards that is printable in the same manner.And like I have mentioned before itself, all you need is your computer,internet connection and a printer if required(depending on your needs and purposes).
I have personally used both the websites that I will be mentioning and in my honest opinion,it is very difficult to decide which one is better.So, better to go through both of them and decide it for yourself.

Fake Ticket Generator = Site 1 

Now,This website as the name suggests is a typical fake movie ticket generator website.

fake movie ticket film

How to Generate a Fake Movie Ticket

Let me tell you how to create a similar ticket that I have create one for the Lord of the Rings movie.Just go to the website by clicking on the heading of the above paragraph.Once you do it you will be taken to the official website where you will have to type in the given boxes that you will be able to see on the left hand side of the page.
For example the first box says "small text 1 " . If you are not able to understand the meaning of this or of any other box, then simply type whatever you want and then click on the Make my Ticket button at the bottom.Once you do it, you will be able to know what the box actually means.You can later on hit the back button to come back to the website and fill in all the remaining boxes.
Similarly,Fill all the required boxes and click on the Make my Ticket button at the bottom.

Thats it !!!! Done
As simple as that.

You can create a fake movie ticket, or a fake concert ticket or even a genuine invitation card for bithday,christmas or any other occasion in the same manner.Just right click on the image and save it in your computer

Now,this is another website that will do the trick.The difference between this website and the previous one is that there are many options that the users can choose from this website as far as the ticket templates are concerned.
There are three templates to choose from.Choose whichever you feel suitable for your purposes.I have already told you how to fill up a ticket in the above paragraph for the previous website.Use the same method over here also.However you also have the option of choosing the ticket color from various options.Also there is once more option of choosing a watermark if at all you require it.Choose whichever option that you desire and click on the Go button to create your ticket.Save your ticket to your computer.
Create fake film ticket

You can also use the website to create genuine invitation cards also which can be printable .If  you wish to edit any part of the image , you always have the option of photoshop or Mspaint.

Congratulations !!!!

Now you have successfully learnt how to Create Tickets for a Movie,Concert, or an invitation to any of your parties.

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