Have you ever lost an android phone?Was your phone stolen?But How to track lost phone for free?
Losing a phone may be worse than losing your wallet containing all your money.All of us are lot more dependent on mobile phones than we actually should be.So, even the slightest idea of losing it seems to be like a nightmare.But sometimes nightmares do come true and we end up losing our mobile phone

track lost phone android

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I have found two + one genuine ways that helps you in tracking lost phones - android.For the last two methods you will have to install the applications first and in case you lost the phone , you can track it back using these two applications that I will mention below.However, the first application is the one that you install after you lost the phone.Confused??? Read on !!!
They are actually android apps that you can download it for free of cost.I have used many other applications that  claim to do the job, but trust me , these are the best that is available in the open market and that to for free.
1Plan B :
According to the developer of this application this is the only application that you install after you have lost the phone.This would be the last ditch attempt to get back your phone.You will get an email message once the application starts and you will be constantly updated about the location of your phone from there on .I know this sounds confusing .So Pls click and visit here to get to know about all the details.And Good Luck in getting back your phone

2. Wheres my Droid:

This is easily the best application that you will ever find.It does exactly what the name does.Tracking  a lost phone becomes easier thanks to this free android app.Once you install this application on your mobile phone, you can easily track it by using the GPS location feature.It also gives you notification of the SIM Changed or the new number that your phone begins to use after it is stolen.You can also create a White list or a Black list as to who can control this feature so that your phone remains secured all the time.This also includes customizing the application with a password.
track lost phoneThere are times when you keep your phone in silent mode and you are not able to track it after calling your number even though the cell phone is very much in your house or office. This application can increase the volume of the phone and make it ring which will enable you to fetch it easily.It hardly uses much battery.All these features are available in the free version Whatmore, there is a pro version available too.My suggestion to you is to first try the free version and then get used to it before upgrading it to the pro version.

Click here to visit the site

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3Mobile Defense:

Mobile defense is another application that will enable to track lost mobile phone for free.In case you lose your phone or if your phone gets stolen, you can first remotely lock your phone to prevent unauthorized access This application runs in the background.So, there is practically no memory or battery usage when it is not active.Mobile Defense also provides the feature of Malware Protection and Data Back up.

First thing that you have to do is to register in their website and set up your device.After that , you can track it, lock it, take back up or do whatever you wish to do.

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