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Have you ever wondered how to disable print screen key function button option.?There are numerous javascript, free software programs and other script available to disable the print screen key button, but my method to do it is one of the easiest and the best way to do it.
You need not know anything about java or javascripts or any other confusing css scripts.This is one of the nicest Computer Tips and Tricks

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What is Print screen Key?

Now, Before I tell you how to disable the print screen button,let me tell you what actually is the Print screen key or the print screen tool.
In windows operating system,Basically, print screen is the key on your keyboard next to the scroll lock key, or the key above the Insert key in most keyboards.
In Mac system,there is however no separate print screen key. Cmd + Shift+3  captures the entire screen and Cmd +Shift+4 captures the active screen.

Print screen Button is used when you require a screen shot of the computer screen.Press the Print screen button, open Paint program and just use the paste option in the blank paint screen.The entire screen that was captured will be displayed.However, if you only want the active screen to be captured press Alt+Print screen..By doing this you capture the screen shots of only the active screen and not the programs or screens that are running in the background.

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How to disable the Print screen Button?

Sometimes, when your computer is used by many other users, you may not prefer your data to be stolden in the form of USB disks or the print screen methods.I will tell you how to disable Pendrives in my future posts.
Now,let us concentrate on how to disable the print screen key.

Like I mentioned earlier there are many ways to do it.Some involve using a java script, some involve changing and modifying the registry.Now,I personally do not recommend modifying the registry values until and unless it is very much required.

Let us use a very small freeware utility to disable the print screen key on the key board.It is actually a free keyboard remapping software or a free remap keyboard software.

disable print screen

How to use the software?

Basically what this programs lets you do is that It allows you to change the function of any key on the keyboard. Click here to download this very small utility .The best feature of this program is that you do not need to install it, therefore it does not eat up any of your space.Just double click to open and run the software.Just click on any key on the keyboard software which you would prefer to change or disable and open the drop down menu which you would find it at the bottom left of the keyboard.Change it to whatever function of letter you want.For example I changed it to Space which is the very first option.
Now, click on Save Layout option at the bottom right of the keyboard.This will lead you to a pop up regarding logging off and logging back from windows.Click yes.

Now, check the print screen key.Every time you press the print screen key, it would actually function as a spacebar  or any other option that you had chosen earlier.If you want the Print screen key back, just open this program again and change the function of the key.

Thats it!!!!!
As simple as that.

Now,you have successfully learnt how to disable the print screen function key in the keyboard

Note : You can disable or change the function of any other key on your keyboard by using the same technique that I have shown you.

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