Have you ever asked anyone how to unlock my mobile phone for free?If you had ask this to a mobile service providers then they would probably charge you $$$.

mobile unlocking software
First, let me explain to all those people who do not know anything about unlocking a phone.Sometimes, when you buy a phone,you cannot use the sim card of different providers.Or if you move from one country to another country, you cannot use your mobile phone to communicate over there until it is unlocked.
So, in order to use your phone in the above two circumstances, you need the imei unlock code.But , you can hardly find any one who can unlock your mobile phone for free.Sometimes, buying a new phone itself turns out to be more economical rather that unlocking your old phone.

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Mobile Unlocking Software - World Unlock Codes 

You always have the option to buy cheap unlocked phones, but that is not the topic of discussion as of now.
I have come across a software which is actually a free mobile phone unlocking software providing you details of all the phone unlock codes.
It is a very tiny freeware and its installation finished in no time.All you have to do is to press next couple of times.As of this this program supports

Nokia,Samsung,Siemens,Sony,Panasonic,AEG,Alcatel,LG,Maxon,Vitel and motorola.
You need the IMEI code of your phone.You can get it by referring to the bill that you received while purchasing the phone.Alternatively you can press *#06# in your mobile phone to get the imei.
Select your phone model in the drop down menu and type your IMEI in the space provided and click calculate.

Congratulations,you have managed to successfully unlock your phone.

Note : 

  • If the unlock codes do not work, do not try it for more than 3-4 times, since there are chances that the phone will be totally blocked.
  • Unlock the phone only after removing the sim card.

Download Worldunlock Codes calculator

If you successfully manage to unlock your phone, then please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Does this work on Android smartphones?

Abhi on 24 December 2012 at 05:55 said...

ah...i dont think so

Anonymous said...


jack jessi on 16 May 2014 at 09:33 said...


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