Do you know how to find out your licence numbers or serial numbers of the softwares that you have bought and installed ? Getting to know about these numbers can be sometimes very necessary.

This freeware is especially helpful when you have to set up your computer again and require various serial keys of softwares that you have purchased and installed. Yes,you can find cd keys or find serial keys at the box of the cd cover or you can also note it down somewhere. But , this is the age of electronic media and writing down the serial numbers is certainly not so cool.
I have come across a free software that lets you view the serial numbers of installed softwares in your computer.You can also use this software to find out the product key of windows. Yes, you can find out the serial key of windows and all other installed applications in your system.

serial number of registered softwares and product keys of windows

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Find Out License Keys / Serial Numbers Of Installed Software / Programs

Once you have found out the serial numbers of the softwares, make sure that you copy and paste them in notepad and attach it in your email id and send it to yourself or save it in drafts.The reason why I am asking you to do this is that there is no point in installing this software in your new operating system once your old operating system gets corrupted.You can only find out the product keys of windows if you install it in a new operating system.So, just like I said, install this program and send the results to your email id to keep it safe. I have successfully tested this software in windows Xp. I have not tried it in windows 7 but in my guess, its gonna work


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