Create Fake Airline Tickets

How to create a fake airline ticket? We all know how easy it is to Book Air Tickets Online these days.All you need to have is your computer or phone,internet connection and of course credit/debit cards.
I do not travel much by air, but I do have a couple of friends travelling every now and then,boasting about their tours ,and keep a collection of all their airline tickets, probably just to show off :)......(they visit Computer Tips and Tricks btw :P)

Alright,How do you show-off your travel activities and tours stuff if you are not a frequent traveller. Its actually pretty much simple.You dont need to buy plane tickets online.
Please note that I have already mentioned how to create a fake movie ticket or a fake concert tickets in one of my posts in the blog. Please refer to it if you are interested in it

How To Create A Fake Airline Ticket

The Trick is to create your own free plane tickets online.Surprised?? LOL..
You can actually book an air ticket to china or air tickets to las vegas or any other place from any airlines across the world without actually paying anything and without actually travelling to such places.
I have managed to find a website that actually lets you to do this.

All you have to type your name,your  desired destination,fight date,boarding time and the best part is you can also chose the airlines.Click on the start now button once you enter their website.You will be next taken to a page where in you will have to type in the details that you want it to be present on your fake airline ticket.And click on done..Thats it..
This is funny because I booked an air ticket from Bangalore to Chennai from American Airlines which is actually not plying in Indian routes.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a Ticket and show off to your friends.
Look at my fake airline ticket in the

Note: the ticket that you have generated has a small watermark of the website at the bottom.If you do not need it , just right click and edit in paint.

fake airline ticket

Click here to create your airline ticket

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