How to remove password from Pdf Files.I am sure that you would have searched in the internet for a free software to remove restrictions and password from pdf files.And, I am also sure that most of you woulld have been rather unsuccessful in your attempt.Well , there is nothing to worry about it as long as you visit this Computer Tips and Tricks website.

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How To Remove Password Restrictions From Pdf Files

 Just like I have mentioned previously, you will find numerous softwares including freeware that will say that it would remove the password restrictions from your pdf files.Some even do it in online websites.But the matter of fact is that most of them are duds and do not work at all.So, what do you do???Is there any other alternative other than paying for it? Well, the answer.Its always yes.

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Procedure To Remove Passwords and Restrictions from Pdf Files

remove password restrictions from pdfDownload This useful program removes all kinds of passwords and restrictions from PDF files.Once you finish installing  this program , a pdf unlocker  icon (as shown in the figure)will be displayed on the desktop.Now, to remove the restrictions or passwords,all you have to do is that  you will have to just drag your PDF files on this icon.Once you drag your Pdf file on the icon an MS-DOS window appears as shown in the image below and the  rest will be done by the program itself.

And in a matter of seconds, mostly depending on your size of the Pdf File, you will have an unlocked Pdf file , free from all the password issues and other restrictions such as insert page, delete page, print option etx et etc


Use the free software and let me know about your experiences about using the same.You can leave a comment in the comment box below and discuss if you happen to face any issues with it.

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remove pdf password restriction
software to remove pdf password restriction

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