Is it safe to buy a Mobile phone from Flipkart?

Well, I m sure most of my Indian Readers out here have heard about Flipkart. For others, let me tell you Flipkart is one of the leading E - commerce websites in India just like Ebay or Amazon. Flipkart initially started out by selling only books but gradually it moved on to other products as well when they gained trust from the users.

 So, that brings me to the original question. Can you really trust flipkart with product quality? Is it safe to buy mobile phones, tablets, camera from Flipkart?

Well, from what I know the website started out as a marketplace recently- you know- something like ebay. But before that it wasnt like that. Now, the products that you order will be sold through flipkart by the dealers. I am not saying thats bad, but recently I have had a horrible experience. I have bought quite a few products from the website like camera, couple of mobile phones, kettle, books , cases etc. I have had wonderful experiences with almost all my transactions except for one mobile phone.

I am not writing this post to say that Flipkart is a waste of time, but hey, I am just telling you what happened in my case.

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How To Fix Error Ref Code S0a00 On Comcast

I know its definitely not a good feeling when you are interrupted while you are watching your favorite show / movie on your TV, especially by your own cable network. The other day I was watching a movie on some channel and suddenly a message popped up on the screen

Wait a minute, the channel should be available shortly.

And then it had something like Ref Code : S0a00 at the bottom.

WTH, I thought its just a minute. Well, it was way more than a minute. I guess I had missed the climax of the movie by then.

 I didnt like it though, and then I called up my cousin who also has comcast cable at his home. Only then I got to know that the problem was actually at my home and not the entire cable network.

But thankfully, he had been through the same situation before. He told me that it was due to some signal issues. He was my perfect guide. He told me a few possible methods to get rid of the problem ( which worked for him ), and I am going to tell you guys everything that I was told so that you can solve it easily. [ that you can watch your full movie :(   ]


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What Is A Backlink ?

Back in those days, when I just started blogging for fun [ I still blog for fun.:)  ] , I came across a word called backlink. I did not have a clue as to what it was. I googled for the word and got a few results. The problem I faced initially is that many of them have explained backlink in technical terms. If you are still a new born to the world of blogging, chances are there that you might not understand them correctly at all.

I am going to use a bit of my blogging experience to make you understand what a backlink is.

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Solution For Getting Blank Screen while recording videos

Have you ever tried to record a video that is being played on your computer screen using any screen recorder software ? If not , well try it and let me know whether it records correctly or not. Most of the times what happens is that you will end up recording a blank screen in spite of using any screen recorder, whether paid or free. And there are times when you will be able to hear the sound of the video file but not the video itself. It would be totally black blank screen. It is certainly not a good feeling.

Well, it happened to me too. I recorded 23 minutes of video only to find out that it was totally blank from the start to the finish. I tried it both on my PC and my laptop. No result.
I downloaded many screen recording softwares from the internet. But the result was the same. Black Screen !!!.

I have been finally able to fix this problem. Actually, very very easily. Well, there may be numerous methods to solve this problem. But as far as I know the 3 solutions that I am going to provide you will most probably solve your problem.

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Few Best Cool Windows 7 Cursors Pack

Alright, I am sure most of you know what a cursor means. Back in those days, when the world was using the likes of windows 98, 2000, the cursor was just an arrow head mouse pointer. Unfortunately, the trend continued in the following later editions as well. But the biggest advantage now is that you can customize almost anything these days. If you know how to do it yourself, then it is well and good. But, there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you do not have a clue about programming. There are many many developers out there who are developing outstanding programs, softwares and other stuff and are sharing it with the world for free. God bless those guys.

But anyways today's post is all about customizing your windows 7 cursors. I am going to show you some of the cool cursors that you can download for your operating system.

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